Meet the Mennonites: Inside the Ultra-Conservative Community

May 6, 2023 | Activism, People, Social, Uncategorized

Join the Mennonites on a journey into the past, to a simpler time and place where the principles of family, faith, and community define their way of life. The Mennonites are ultra-conservative Christians who reject modern society and all its temptations, living in a world frozen in the 19th century. In their self-sufficient colonies, they travel by horse-drawn carriages, speak an old German dialect and carefully guard their traditions and values.
But even in this secluded world, change cannot be kept at bay forever. Some members feel the community is being tainted by the outside world, while others fear the traditional ways are at risk of vanishing. Amidst these struggles, a new colony is formed in the jungle of Peru, where adherents can remain true to their original doctrine. Explore the world of the Mennonites as they embark on a new path, and witness their quest to strike a delicate balance between tradition and survival in the face of relentless change.

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David B