Maternity Leave

May 17, 2024 | Social, Videos

The devastating tragedy of a mother who lost her infant son while he was in day care just three months after his birth has sparked the interest of many, and the documentary Maternity Leave provides an in-depth look at this issue. With limited maternity leave standards in the United States, many parents are forced to make the difficult decision to return to work soon after having a child, leaving their infants in the hands of strangers.

The film features interviews from working mothers whose stories reflect the heartache they experienced when returning to work, knowing that they had no other option for providing for their family. These interviews are balanced with expert opinions on how inadequate U.S. maternity leave policies might have caused or contributed to such tragedies as that of this young mother’s son.

Maternity Leave is an important and powerful documentary that sheds light on a very real problem facing many parents today – lack of proper parental leave options and its consequences on families and society. Through its exploration of maternal guilt, financial struggles, societal pressure, and more, the film offers viewers insight into why these events can happen while encouraging them to think about how we can do better as a nation in terms of offering more comprehensive parental leave policies. We highly recommend watching Maternity Leave and learning more about this important issue.

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David B