The Root of All Evil?

Aug 17, 2023 | Religion, Videos

The acclaimed television documentary The Root of All Evil? examines the highly controversial role religion plays in modern society, and seeks to spark meaningful discussion on its implications. Written and presented by celebrated evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, the two-part series was first broadcasted in January 2006 on Channel 4 in Great Britain.

In it, Dawkins raises provocative questions about our world without religion, and encourages viewers to explore both sides of this issue. He calls upon experts in philosophy, theology, science and history to weigh in on the subject. He also takes his audience on a journey through iconic religious sites around the world, including Jerusalem’s Western Wall and Rome’s Colosseum.

Though originally titled “The God Delusion” and “The Virus of Faith” by Dawkins himself, Channel 4 insisted on renaming it “The Root Of All Evil?” for dramatic effect. This title incited a great deal of controversy when the documentary first aired, but it ultimately served as an effective awareness-raising tool that has gone on to influence popular culture for years since then.

It is worth noting that this documentary deals with heavy subject matter such as morality versus rational thought and faith versus science – topics which can be deeply personal for viewers from any background or belief system. As such, The Root Of All Evil? offers a unique opportunity for thoughtful reflection on how our beliefs shape our lives. We strongly encourage everyone to watch this revolutionary documentary to form their own opinion on these important matters.

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David B