Malcolm X: Prince of Islam

May 7, 2024 | Religion

Malcolm X: Prince of Islam is an explosive and captivating documentary that provides unprecedented insight into the life and legacy of al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, a revolutionary Islamic hero. The film dives deep into Malcolm X’s roots, starting with his childhood in Michigan, to his days as a street hustler and eventually leading up to his status as a leader of the Nation of Islam.

From an international perspective, the documentary uncovers how Malcolm X’s mission became bigger than just the United States — taking on an international western power structure that had been oppressing so many for centuries. This is a revolution that goes beyond Mississippi, Alabama or Harlem and shines a light on issues still felt today around the world.

Through gripping footage, interviews with those closest to Malcolm X and previously unseen images from both private and public archives, this documentary illuminates the extraordinary life story of one of history’s most influential figures. It’s an intimate portrait of a man who made immense contributions towards civil rights — not only in America but across the globe — during his short time on earth.

The legacy of Malcolm X still resonates throughout our culture today; it remains as relevant now as ever before. This powerful documentary invites viewers to explore and reflect upon its relevance to our current political climate while providing them with a unique look into this incredible individual’s life and activism. If you want to learn more about this bold iconoclast, then be sure to check out Malcolm X: Prince Of Islam — you won’t regret it!

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David B