Trump: What’s the Deal?

Jan 16, 2024 | Political, Videos

Donald Trump is a formidable figure in modern popular culture. As the Republican Party’s leading candidate for President of the United States, he has captivated and enthralled audiences with his unapologetic bravado and often controversial views. Now, viewers can gain insight into what motivates this larger-than-life figure through the documentary film “Trump: What’s The Deal?”.

The filmmakers behind “Trump: What’s The Deal?” offer an unfiltered look into the life and career of Donald Trump. From his early days as a real estate mogul to his current status as a presidential frontrunner, this documentary explores it all. Featuring interviews with business partners, colleagues, journalists, family members, and even the man himself, this film paints a complex portrait of the very public figure that Donald Trump has become.

From businesses to branding to politics, “Trump: What’s The Deal?” is an all-encompassing guide to understanding the enigmatic businessman who now dominates American media. Viewers are led through a detailed timeline of events that have shaped Donald Trump and his rise to power; delving not only into his personal life but also into his impact on economic policy both at home and abroad.

For those seeking to understand more about Donald Trump beyond soundbites and campaign rhetoric, “Trump: What’s The Deal?” offers a comprehensive look at how one man has managed to take command of both private industry and public opinion in America. By taking viewers on a journey from past to present day, this documentary provides an engaging examination of one of our nation’s most influential figures.

So if you want to learn more about how Donald Trump became who he is today—and where he could be headed next—then you must watch “Trump: What’s The Deal?” With its unprecedented access and compelling narrative structure, this documentary provides invaluable insight into the person behind the persona that drives our current presidential election cycle.

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David B