The Panama Deception

Dec 12, 2023 | Political, Videos

Before the United States chose to take action against Saddam Hussein, another former ally, Manuel Noriega, was already in their sights. The Panamanian dictator had been an ally of the US for years before his relationship with the superpower began to sour in the mid 1980s. The documentary “The Man Who Knew Too Much” explores Noriega’s role in US foreign policy and how he became a major target of American intelligence forces.

The documentary tells the story of Noriega’s rise and fall. It follows him from his early days as a military strongman to his tenure as de facto ruler of Panama and eventual imprisonment by US forces. As it chronicles his career, it reveals how America came to see him as an untrustworthy asset who had become too powerful for them to control. Interviews with Panamanian citizens, high-ranking US officials involved in Noriega’s capture, and even Noriega himself add depth and context to this fascinating story.

In addition, viewers get an inside look at some of the tactics used by the US to bring down their former ally. This includes how they used financial leverage against Noriega, as well as providing economic aid to opposition groups in Panama in order to weaken his grip on power. Finally, we hear firsthand accounts from some of those involved on both sides of this conflict about why it happened and what lessons can be learned from this episode in American history.

For anyone wanting a better understanding of how US foreign policy has been shaped over time or just looking for a gripping narrative about one man’s rise and fall from power, “The Man Who Knew Too Much” is essential viewing. With its rich combination of interviews and archival footage, it paints a vivid portrait of one chapter in American history that still resonates today – making it well worth watching!

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David B