World War A: When Aliens Attack

Feb 25, 2023 | People, Videos

The search for intelligent life has remained a constant throughout our modern history, and several key discoveries have been made in recent years. Scientists are certain that Mars harbors the elements needed to sustain microbial life – a solid surface and evidence of water – and they’ve uncovered the existence of exoplanets in the farthest reaches of our galaxy. On the most basic level, they believe it would be foolish to assume that we are the only intelligent species in an infinite universe.

The film surmises that if we were visited by an intelligent alien species, they would surely possess more advanced technological capabilities than us. For this reason, they would likely be regarded as a menace, and we could reasonably assume that they had the potential to annihilate our planet. How could we begin to prepare ourselves for such a threat? Where would we find shelter, food, supplies, and the caliber of weaponry that could ensure our survival? Other figures profiled in the film aren’t as convinced that visiting aliens would have a hostile nature.

Regardless of their intentions, many experts agree that intelligent alien life forms could be in search of our planet just as we are watching out for them, and they could have a significant head start.

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David B