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Feb 18, 2024 | People, Videos

Humanity faces a multitude of threats, from pollution and disease to terrorism and crime. But one of the most pressing issues is our need for basic life support: access to food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, these are not always guaranteed, and many people around the world struggle to secure them. This is why it is so important that we have a system in place that provides people with the means to gain employment and earn money for their basic needs.

This is where documentaries like ‘Money & Life’ come in. Through this documentary, viewers can gain insight into the complex interplay between our financial system and our collective well-being. It examines how our current economic system creates certain inequalities while providing real solutions on how to create a more equitable society. For example, the film looks at how alternative currencies could provide an alternative model which could be used to empower disadvantaged communities all over the globe.

The documentary is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand more about how our financial systems work and what practical steps can be taken towards creating lasting change. As this film shows, there are solutions available that can lead us towards greater economic justice within society – solutions that are actually within reach if we can only muster up the courage and determination to make it happen.

So please do yourself a favour by taking some time out of your day to watch ‘Money & Life’ – you won’t regret it! By gaining a fuller understanding of our current economic climate, you can take steps towards creating a better future for everyone involved in it.

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David B