Why We Breathe: Yoga

Feb 17, 2024 | People, Social, Videos

The documentary “Why Do You Do Yoga?” is an exploration into the true purpose and power of yoga. Shot over a six-month period across the United States, it interviews experts and practitioners from numerous walks of life to get to the heart of why we practice this ancient art. The film digs deep in order to understand why people keep coming back to their yoga mats, and why they love it so much.

The expert yogis interviewed provide insight into the incredible benefits that can be obtained through a regular yoga practice, from physical health improvements such as increased flexibility and strength, to helped stress reduction and improved mental clarity. It provokes thought on how shifting our perspective on life can lead us on a path of joy and fulfillment.

This stunningly beautiful film paints a vivid picture of all that yoga can offer us if we open ourselves up to its transformative power. With captivating cinematography, poignant music, and inspiring interviews, it is sure to stay with viewers long after it has come to an end. So if you are looking for some motivation or an invigorating perspective on life, then this documentary is definitely worth checking out!

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David B