Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Aug 2, 2023 | People, Videos

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is an eye-opening documentary that reveals the devastating effects and atrocities perpetuated by psychiatry. Throughout history, this dark force has been used to persecute innocent people, stifle freedom, and promote oppressive regimes such as Fascism, racism, and atheism. In doing so, it has had a hand in countless deaths—in particular, it was an integral component of the Holocaust, Jim Crow laws in the United States, apartheid in South Africa, and communism in multiple countries throughout the 20th century.

This hard-hitting documentary lays bare how psychiatry stands opposed to values of life and liberty that are enshrined in many faiths and societies around the world. Rather than celebrating God as the giver of life and freedom, its malpractice has lead to countless tragedies throughout history.

If you’re looking for a glimpse into how psychiatric practices have played a role in some of histories darkest chapters—all while denying basic rights such as life, liberty and freedom—then Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is essential viewing. Its powerful message shines a light on this dark force within our society that has caused untold suffering for so long. It’s time we put an end to this injustice once and for all – watch this documentary today to learn more!

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David B