Buddha in Africa

Apr 25, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In the heart of Africa, a young boy is faced with identity crisis. Enock Alu, a child born in Malawi, was left alone after the tragic loss of his mother and abandonment by his father. But one day, his whole life takes a turn, when he is accepted at Amitofo Care Center, a Buddhist boarding school founded by a monk from Taiwan. Here he learns the teachings of the Far East but is torn between his Buddhist upbringing and his East African roots.

Documentary, ‘The African Bodhisattva’, sheds light on Enock’s struggle with his identity, as he navigates through the customs of the two contrasting cultures. In the boardingschool, a typical day for Enock begins with prayers, followed by Mandarin language classes and martial arts training. The highlight of the year is the grand tour, where the students display their skills to the international Buddhist community. But as he journeys through different countries, Enock slowly wrestles with a feeling of alienation from his native African culture, the predominantly Muslim Wayao people. Despite his desire to return to his roots, his teachers want to send him to Taiwan to pursue further studies. What path will Enock choose? Catch ‘The African Bodhisattva’ to witness his journey of self-discovery.

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David B