Trial of Henry Kissinger

May 22, 2024 | Military/War, News, Political, Videos

The Trials of Henry Kissinger is a must-see documentary based on the book by British journalist Christopher Hitchens. It examines the controversial legacy of Henry Kissinger, who was Secretary of State for the United States and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The documentary paints an unflattering picture of Kissinger, depicting him as a power-hungry warmonger responsible for massive military cover-ups in Vietnam, Cambodia, and East Timor in the 1960s, as well as being complicit in the assassination of Chilean leader Salvador Allende in 1970.

This two-hour long film follows an investigative journey into Kissinger’s past, weaving together interviews with historians and political experts which reveal more information about his dangerous actions. It sheds light on some of America’s most shameful acts during this period, from war crimes committed by US forces to catastrophic foreign policy decisions which helped to prolong hostilities in South East Asia for decades.

The Trials Of Henry Kissinger is an important reminder that even those entrusted with high office are capable of terrible wrongs. The documentary serves to both educate and enlighten viewers on some dark moments in history as well as shine a spotlight on questions around accountability and justice for those individuals who still evade responsibility today.

In conclusion, The Trials Of Henry Kissinger is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding one of the most controversial figures in modern American politics. It serves to remind us all that no one should be above scrutiny or beyond reproach when it comes to matters of justice and human rights – no matter how powerful they may be.

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David B