Shut Him Down: The Rise of Jordan Peterson

Mar 5, 2024 | News, Political

Dr. Jordan B Peterson has recently become the subject of much public debate, gaining both immense popularity among some and widespread disapproval among others. This growing notoriety can be traced back to late 2016, when Peterson publicly opposed Canadian human rights legislation, effectively becoming a lightning rod for controversy.

Now, a new documentary, aptly titled ‘The Rise of Jordan B Peterson’, offers viewers an unprecedented look into this polarizing figure’s story. From his early life in Alberta and his experiences as a clinical psychologist, to his meteoric rise to fame on YouTube and podcasts that followed, ‘The Rise of Jordan B Peterson’ offers an intimate portrait of the man behind the headlines.

This documentary is packed with interviews from family members, colleagues, students and critics – all providing unique perspectives on this complex individual. We also get an up close look at some of the most important events of recent years that have helped shape his rise to international fame as one of the world’s most controversial public figures.

Ultimately, viewers are left to form their own opinions about Dr. Peterson and what he stands for. Whether you’re interested in learning more about him or simply want to explore this fascinating figure further; ‘The Rise Of Jordan B Peterson’ provides a compelling look into the life and times of this remarkable man that should not be missed!

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David B