The Superior Human?

Oct 27, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Humans have long believed that they are superior to other life forms on the planet, but this is being challenged by a new documentary called The Superior Human. Featuring interviews with experts and eye-opening examples of how misguided this belief is, this film offers a unique perspective into the absurdity of human bias.

The Superior Human delves deep into the way humans view themselves in comparison to animals and other species. At its core, it argues that our self-proclaimed superiority has no basis in reality and instead serves mainly as a means for us to justify our actions towards other creatures. Through engaging conversations with scientists, philosophers, and activists, viewers are provided with an important reminder that all life is equally valuable and should be respected accordingly.

The documentary also raises intriguing questions about our relationship with nature. What does it mean to be human? Is there any justification for claiming superiority over other species? The film provides answers to these kinds of questions while also demonstrating why humans must learn to live in harmony with the creatures around them.

From stunning visuals to compelling arguments, The Superior Human is undoubtedly one of the most thought-provoking documentaries around today. Whether you’re interested in environmental issues or simply curious about humanity’s place within the natural world, you’ll find plenty of food for thought here. So don’t miss out – check out The Superior Human now and get ready to have your beliefs challenged!

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David B