Saved by Dolphins

Feb 21, 2024 | Nature, Videos

For centuries, stories of dolphins rescuing humans from perilous situations at sea have been shared and passed down through generations. Yet, until recently, there was little to no evidence to suggest whether these tales were pure myth or reality.

That is until the release of the documentary ‘Dolphins Saving Humans’, which dramatically brings to life two remarkable incidents of dolphins intervening to save people from near-fatal shark attacks. Captured against the stunning backdrops of the Red Sea and New Zealand’s North Island, this film deftly highlights how dolphins are actually capable of such incredible acts of heroism and courage.

It is thought that these dolphins mistake humans for their own species due to a complex affiliation between both animals. This means that they will use their powerful abilities and speed to ward off predators or guide lost swimmers back to safety.

What is particularly interesting about this documentary is its focus on the relationships between one particular human survivor – a young woman, Suzy Durrant – and her new-found dolphin friends. Through thought-provoking interviews with Suzy herself as well as other experts in the field, ‘Dolphins Saving Humans’ shows us how deep a bond can form between two very different species when instinct takes over.

If you’re looking for an inspirational story which will make you believe in miracles then look no further than ‘Dolphins Saving Humans’. This amazing piece of documentary filmmaking blends together captivating visuals with relatable personal stories that make it impossible not to be moved by its narrative. So why not tune in and see what these extraordinary creatures have done for humanity?

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David B