Mountain of Ice

Jun 21, 2024 | Nature, Videos

In this riveting episode of NOVA, viewers join a daring expedition to the highest mountain peak in Antarctica – Vinson Massif. Led by renowned mountaineer and explorer Conrad Anker, the team comprises author Jon Krakauer, guide Dave Hahn, glaciologist Dan Stone, extreme skier Andrew McLean, NOVA producer Liesl Clark, and a three-person camera crew.

The eight-person team braved powerful winds and extreme temperatures to capture stunning HD footage of this mostly unexplored region. However, conditions were not the only challenge; since Vinson Massif had only been summited by a handful of experienced climbers previously, the team had to strategize their ascent carefully. Under Anker’s experienced guidance and with an impressive lineup including some of today’s most talented adventurers and experts in their respective fields, this intrepid expedition ultimately reached their goal.

Watch as they take on unpredictable elements, conquer treacherous terrain, and unlock scientific insights into an untouched world-class destination. With its gripping narrative filled with drama at every turn, NOVA’s Vinson Massif is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. Tune in to watch the journey unfold as these brave explorers tell a thrilling story of exploration and discovery.

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David B