The Fall: The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E. Smith

Apr 9, 2024 | Music, Videos

Few bands can boast such an illustrious career as that of Manchester post-punk icons The Fall. From their inception in 1976 until the death of Mark E Smith in 2018, the band have endured numerous line-up changes and chaotic incidents, but never failed to produce consistently innovative and critically acclaimed music.

The documentary, ‘Mark E Smith & The Fall’, serves as a fitting tribute to the group’s legacy. Featuring interviews with John Peel, Stewart Lee and Marc ‘Lard’ Riley alongside members of The Fall, the film follows the current band recording their final session for BBC’s John Peel Show – a testament to their enduring popularity with Peel himself, who claimed The Fall “more sessions than any other band” he ever hosted.

Besides this exclusive footage from inside the studio, ‘Mark E Smith & The Fall’ also delves deeply

into the history of the group, allowing viewers an intimate glimpse into their prolific career and tumultuous behind-the-scenes life.

This is a must-watch documentary for both devotees and newcomers alike; it is a comprehensive overview of one of British music’s most beloved cult favourites. With its captivating insight into The Fall’s creative process and compelling reflections on their impact on post-punk culture, ‘Mark E Smith & The Fall’ will educate and entertain in equal measure. So don’t miss out – watch it now!

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David B