The 7 Best Documentaries About Alicia Keys

Jan 17, 2024 | Best Of, Music

Alicia Keys has been celebrated as a multi-talented artist for over two decades. Her powerful lyrics, captivating music, and inspiring activism have made her one of the most influential artists in history. But did you know that she has also been an important subject of several documentaries? From exploring Alicia’s rise to fame to shining a light on her philanthropic works, these documentaries demonstrate her immense impact on the world. Here are seven of the best documentaries about Alicia Keys that you should watch today.

1. Alicia Keys – Songs In A Minor : Documentary

Alicia Keys’ debut album, Songs In A Minor, was the cornerstone of her successful music career. And this documentary takes a closer look at how she crafted some of her most iconic tracks. Featuring candid interviews and never-before-seen footage from the studio, Alicia Keys – Songs In A Minor is an essential watch for any fan of R&B and soul music. The documentary focuses on the creative process behind Songs In A Minor, from its composition to its recording and production. Alicia Keys and her team discuss the technical challenges they faced while crafting this iconic record, as well as the personal stories which inspired many of the tracks.


2. How music saved Alicia Keys from a life of crime

Alicia Keys is a music powerhouse who has taken the world by storm. Born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, she faced many of life’s hardships growing up. But it wasn’t until her mother showed her the power of music that Alicia found a way to escape the darkness and begin to build an empire. This is the story of how music saved Alicia Keys from a life of crime. It’s an inspiring journey that starts with her mother introducing her to music, which gave Alicia the confidence and courage to pursue her dreams despite the odds. From there, Alicia worked hard and honed her craft while working various jobs. Through this hard work and dedication she began gaining traction in the industry, producing some of the most iconic songs and albums to date. Despite continued obstacles along the way, Alicia was able to stay motivated and eventually became one of the biggest stars in the industry.


3. Alicia Keys in Africa to help fight HIV/AIDS with her Keep a Child Alive non-profit charity (2006)

Alicia Keys is no stranger to philanthropy and activism. In 2006, she visited Africa with her non-profit charity Keep a Child Alive in an effort to help fight HIV/AIDS on the continent. She documented her experiences in a film titled Alicia in Africa which was released in 2007. She also released a song called “Love Is My Disease” in which she revealed her struggles with the disease and how it affected those around her. The film is a testament to Alicia’s commitment to helping others, as well as an inspiring example of what one person can do to make a real difference in the world. In 2010, Alicia Keys released another documentary titled “The Diary of Alicia Keys.” This film follows Alicia as she travels to countries such as Jamaica, Brazil and India to work with her Keep a Child Alive foundation. The documentary provides insight into the life of this inspiring artist as she strives to make a lasting impact on the world.


4. Alicia Keys on overcoming breakdown

Alicia Keys has been a shining light of music for some time now, consistently making an impact and influencing the industry. She’s not only a powerful singer but also a composer who is capable of expressing her emotions through her songs. Her voice resonates with many people, conveying stories that touch our hearts and make us think. Alicia had to face some tough times in her career, from suffering breakdowns to struggling with the pressures of stardom. But today she is a completely different person – confident and relaxed yet still having an incredible amount of fun. It’s truly remarkable how she has been able to overcome these difficulties and reach such amazing heights. Alicia’s music speaks for itself, expressing her story in a unique and powerful way. There is no doubt that her work will continue to influence and inspire many more people in the future.


5. Inside Alicia Keys’ Bahamas Studio with Swae Lee and J. Cole

Alicia Keys has long been a master of her craft. From releasing chart-topping singles to acting in films, she’s shown that she can do it all. But what many don’t know about the singer is her studio in the Bahamas, which she uses to record music with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B. Recently, Keys invited Swae Lee and J. Cole to the studio to record a song for her next album. We got an exclusive look inside Alicia Keys’ studio in the Bahamas with Swae Lee and J. Cole as they worked on their collab track. From the equipment they used to what inspired them in the moment, get a glimpse into what it was like to be in the room with three of the biggest artists in music.


6. Alicia Keys Live Chat with Jay Shetty

Join Alicia Keys on a live chat with Jay Shetty, the world-renowned motivational speaker. This is your chance to get advice from two of the biggest names in entertainment and self-improvement! Get ready for an evening full of laughter, stories, lessons and inspiration. Alicia will be sharing her experiences as an iconic musician, singer-songwriter and producer. She’ll be discussing how she stayed true to her craft, even when times were hard. Plus, Jay will be sharing his own experiences as a sought-after storyteller and how he’s built his career through personal growth and development. The best part? You can ask Alicia and Jay any questions you have! Get the chance to pick their brains on a wide variety of topics, from music to personal growth. This event is sure to be an inspiring night that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to get your tickets now and join Alicia Keys and Jay Shetty for an evening of stories, lessons and motivation.


7. Alicia Keys: ‘KEYS,’ New York Roots and Honoring Black Musical Icons

Alicia Keys has been a powerhouse in the music industry for over two decades. As one of the most successful female artists of all time, her list of accolades is unrivaled. The R&B/soul singer and songwriter has won 15 Grammy Awards and has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. But it’s not only Keys’ musical achievements that have earned her a place in the spotlight. She’s also an advocate for social justice and gender equality, with initiatives like Keys’ foundation, We Are Here, which works to empower women and girls globally. To better understand what makes this talented artist so special, let’s take a look at some of the best documentaries about Alicia Keys and her journey to greatness. The first documentary on the list is “Alicia Keys: ‘KEYS’,” which details Keys’ career, from a pre-teen performing in local talent shows to becoming one of the most successful artists in history.

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