Skrillex: Let’s Make a Spaceship

Mar 7, 2024 | Music, Videos

RedBull Music takes viewers inside the mind of Skrillex, one of the most recognizable names in Dubstep, with their latest documentary. The film gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how Skrillex designed and built his latest live show. This unique set was debuted at Coachella and then traveled around the world, leaving crowds enthralled.

The documentary follows a creative journey, as we join Skrillex on a unique mission to create something that will connect with audiences everywhere. We get to see first-hand what goes into making a live show – from sketching out ideas to creating specific sounds to setting up the stage. We get an insight into how he prepares for his shows and how his production team adds features throughout.

Whether you’re a fan of Skrillex or just curious about what goes on backstage at music festivals, this is a must-watch documentary that reveals layers of complexity and artistry behind live performances. RedBull has once again provided us with an inspiring look into the minds of some of our favorite artists – showing us how much thought and craftsmanship goes into creating an unforgettable show. So don’t miss out; watch this documentary now and feel inspired!

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David B