Skepta: Top Boy

Mar 7, 2024 | Music, Videos

English rap artist Skepta is having an incredible summer. After booking a tour for the East Coast of America & Canada that sold out, Skepta also preformed alongside Drake at the OVO fest in Toronto. This remarkable achievement was documented by Vice’s music channel Noisey and made into a documentary.

The documentary follows Skepta throughout this major milestone moment in his career and offers an up close and personal insight into the artist. It captures some of the most electrifying moments of his tour, showcasing the unique atmosphere of each show as well as the moments behind-the-scenes that could never be replicated.

From London to Toronto, Skepta’s meteoric rise from underground grime acts to international stardom is captured with remarkable detail and nuance. His determination for musical excellence continues to shine through as he takes audiences on a journey through his latest release ‘Konnichiwa’. The documentary offers a unique window into Skepta’s life; no doubt inspiring other aspiring grime artists across the world.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss; an exclusive look inside the life of one of today’s most innovative artists. So be sure to watch this documentary and get an intimate look into Skepta’s creative process and the electrifying shows that came during this monumental summer tour!

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David B