Feb 24, 2024 | Music, Videos

The documentary “Scratch” takes viewers on an exploration of the birth and evolution of hip-hop DJs, scratching, and turntablism. Through interviews with some of the most famous and respected DJs in the genre, including Grand Wizard Theodore, Q-bert, Mix Master Mike, Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow, this film will show you everything you need to know about the culture of hip-hop DJs.

Discover the history behind scratching – from its roots in Jamaica to its development in New York City – and witness firsthand how it has become a staple in modern music. Learn how DJs have pushed boundaries by creating unique sounds with their turntables and transforming music into something completely new. See how these pioneers continue to influence current hip-hop sounds that are heard around the world today.

This incredible journey through hip-hop’s roots is sure to educate and inspire. The film examines why some people become driven to push their artistry further than anyone before them, and shows viewers what can be accomplished when those limits are broken. Experience the passion for creativity that drives hip-hop DJs to go beyond what is expected – all while learning more about the culture they have helped shape.

No matter if you’re a fan of rap or not – if you’re interested in exploring music culture then “Scratch” is definitely worth watching. It’s an engaging look into a fascinating era in music history featuring iconic figures who have made lasting contributions to popular culture. So don’t miss out – check out this documentary now!

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David B