Protest Music and the Modern Age

Oct 16, 2023 | Music, Videos

In recent years, the impact of protest music has waned from its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s. But is this trend an indication of a decline of social justice movements, or a sign of progress? Director Carl Carver seeks to answer this question in his documentary Protest Music and the Modern Age.

Carver explores how protest songs have evolved over time, looking at how various styles – from folk to punk – have served as powerful tools for rallying people around a cause. He also examines the role major record labels and radio stations have played in shaping our perception of protest music. Along with interviews with leading musicians, activists, and industry insiders, Carver dives into critical questions like: What makes a song a true protest song? How do protests manifest differently today than they did decades ago? What can we learn from artists who use their craft to affect change?

The film offers refreshing insight into the power of protest music as well as an urgent call-to-action for viewers. With inspiring stories about musicians who are making their voices heard through their artistry, Protest Music and the Modern Age is sure to leave you feeling motivated and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

So don’t miss out on this important documentary! Take some time to watch Protest Music and the Modern Age today and gain perspective on how we can continue fighting for social justice in our own ways.

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David B