The Best Movies About Viruses

Jun 6, 2024 | Health, Movies

Are you a fan of thrilling movies that leave you on the edge of your seat? Do you love nail-biting suspense and intense plot twists? Well, get ready to add some new movies to your must-watch list because we are about to dive into the world of virus-themed films. From deadly outbreaks to apocalyptic events, these movies take us on a wild ride as we witness the devastating effects of a virus on humanity. So grab your popcorn and get ready for some heart-pumping entertainment as we explore the best movies about viruses. Stay tuned! Let’s dive in.


1. FLU (2013)

FLUA mysterious and deadly virus is unleashed, wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public. It all starts when a human trafficker, covered in oozing red rashes and coughing up blood, dies at a local hospital. But this is just the beginning. Within hours, the virus spreads like wildfire throughout the city, leaving a trail of death in its wake.






2. Virus (2019)

VirusIn a distant corner of space, a research ship floats silently, seemingly deserted. With no signs of life aboard, it’s the perfect opportunity for Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, and Donald Sutherland to explore its secrets. But when they step onboard, they find themselves facing an unstoppable alien terror.






3. Toxic Skies (2008)

Toxic SkiesIn the midst of a global epidemic, one doctor’s discovery could change everything. Anne Heche takes on the role of a World Health Organization physician who stumbles upon a shocking truth – the government’s hidden agenda to create an outbreak through chem-trail spraying. As she races against time to expose the truth and save humanity, she is forced to confront her own beliefs and the concept of trust in a world full of deceit. With minimalistic yet thought-provoking language, this film invites viewers to contemplate the power of manipulation and the consequences of blind faith.





4. Covid-21 : Lethal Virus (2021)

In a desolate world ravaged by starvation and chaos, a deadly virus emerges, infecting the few survivors who are desperately clinging to life. As an elite unit escorts a brilliant scientist, their only hope for finding a cure, to her laboratory amidst the constant threat of death, they come face to face with zombie-like creatures that have fallen victim to the merciless virus.


5. Virus:32 (2022)

Gustavo Hernandez’s latest film, VIRUS:32, takes viewers on a haunting journey through the night shift of security guard Iris and her daughter. Unbeknownst to them, a virus is spreading rapidly throughout the city, infecting everyone in its path. But as chaos ensues and hope seems lost, a glimmer of light appears when they discover that the infected have 32 seconds of peace before attacking again. This thrilling and thought-provoking film, starring Paula Silva and Silver Bear winner Daniel Hendler, will leave viewers on the edge of their seats as they contemplate the complexities of human nature in a time of crisis.


6. Resident Evil (2021)

Introducing Joy – a property of the Umbrella Corporation. But be warned, side effects may include headaches, mood swings, fits of rage and even cannibalistic cravings. ut what is Joy? Is it a drug? A weapon? Or something far more sinister? The enigmatic description leaves much to the imagination, inviting you to project your own ideas onto the brand.


7. Contagion (2011)

The world is in chaos as a deadly virus spreads rapidly, taking lives within days. Amidst the panic and fear that grips humanity, scientists and medical experts work tirelessly to find a cure while trying to contain the outbreak. But as the epidemic grows at an alarming rate, it becomes clear that it’s not just about finding a cure – it’s also about keeping society from falling apart.

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