The Best Movies About Queen Victoria

Apr 26, 2024 | History, Movies

Queen Victoria, one of the most iconic and influential monarchs in British history, has been portrayed countless times on screen. From her tumultuous reign to her fascinating personal life, Queen Victoria’s story has captivated audiences for centuries. And what better way to experience the life of this legendary ruler than through film? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best movies that have brought Queen Victoria’s story to life on the silver screen. So get ready to step into a world of royalty, romance, and intrigue as we explore the best movies about Queen Victoria.


1. The Young Victoria (2019)

The Young VictoriaVictoria was destined to rule, but she never expected the power struggles that came with it. As a young teenager, she found herself at the center of her family’s political schemes. Her mother’s controlling ways and her consort’s bullying tactics only added to the pressure she faced. But it was her arranged marriage that truly tested Victoria’s strength.






2. Victoria In Dover (1954)

Victoria In DoverAs she ascends to the throne after King William IV’s passing, Queen Victoria is faced with a daunting decision – who will be her partner in ruling the nation? With her whole life ahead of her and countless suitors vying for her hand, she must navigate through courtly drama and political alliances while still remaining true to herself. Will she choose a practical marriage for the sake of duty or follow her heart and risk everything for love? In this captivating tale, Queen Victoria’s personal journey becomes a reflection of societal expectations and individual desires.





3. The Queen at War (2020)

The Queen at WarPrincess Elizabeth was just thirteen years old when her father, King George VI, announced to the people of Britain that they were at war on September 3rd, 1939. This powerful documentary delves into the Queen’s personal experiences during World War II and sheds light on how this tumultuous time shaped the longest-reigning monarch in British history.





4. Victoria (2015)

Victoria. A name that evokes images of grandeur, power and longevity. This period drama delves into the early life of Queen Victoria, taking us on a journey from her ascension to the throne at just 18 years old, to her courtship and eventual marriage to Prince Albert. But this is not just a story about a queen, it’s about a woman who defied all odds and went on to rule for 63 years, becoming one of the most powerful monarchs in history. Her reign was only recently surpassed by Elizabeth II on 9th September 2015, a testament to her enduring legacy.


5. Victoria and Abdul (2017)

The story of Queen Victoria’s later years is one of remarkable surprises and unexpected friendships. When a young clerk named Abdul Karim arrives from India to attend the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he soon finds himself in the favor of Her Majesty herself. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the two form an unlikely bond that challenges the strict conventions of the royal court.


6. The Queen (2006)

The Queen has always been known for her stoic and traditional ways, but in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s tragic death, she retreated behind the walls of Buckingham Palace even more. The public, still mourning the loss of their beloved princess, grew disillusioned with the monarch’s absence and lack of emotion. Yet amidst this turmoil, a new Prime Minister emerged – Tony Blair


7. Victoria, Season 2

Experience the drama, romance, and power in Season 2 of Victoria as it returns to your screen on Sunday, January 14th, 2018. Follow Queen Victoria’s journey as she navigates through political turmoil and personal struggles while trying to fulfill her duty to her country. Immerse yourself in a world of royalty, where every decision has consequences and alliances are constantly shifting. Prepare to be captivated by this open-ended, minimalist and contemplative portrayal of one of history’s most iconic monarchs. Don’t miss the highly anticipated second season of Victoria – tune in on Sunday, January 14th, 2018. Long live the queen!


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