The Best Movies About Palestine

May 26, 2024 | Geography, Military/War, Movies

Movies have always been a powerful medium to tell stories and bring attention to important social and political issues. For decades, filmmakers have used the power of cinema to shed light on conflicts and struggles around the world. One such topic that has been explored in various films is Palestine – a land steeped in history, culture, and conflict. In this article, we will take a journey through some of the best movies about Palestine, showcasing their unique perspectives and telling the compelling stories of this complex region


1. Gaza (2019)

GazaDiscover the world of Gaza through a lens unlike any other. In this film, we are transported beyond the headlines and into the lives of remarkable individuals who have found resilience and beauty amidst ongoing conflict. Through their stories, we gain a deeper understanding of a people fighting for meaning in the midst of chaos and destruction.






2. JeruZalem (2015)

JeruZalemIn the ancient city of Jerusalem, two American girls embark on a vacation filled with excitement and adventure. While exploring the rich history and culture of this holy land, they cross paths with a charming anthropology student who invites them on a mysterious journey.






3. Palestine (2020)

PalestineIn the West Bank, a young Israeli soldier named Chaim is involved in an accident that leaves him with no memory. Wandering aimlessly and confused, he is discovered by a Palestinian villager who mistakes him for Nasim, a long-missing Palestinian man imprisoned by the Israelis.






4. Omar (2013)

Omar has always been a master at evading the watchful eyes of surveillance to cross the separation wall and visit his love, Nadia. But in occupied Palestine, love is far from simple and war is anything but clear-cut. On one side of the wall, Omar is a sensitive young baker, while on the other he becomes a fierce freedom fighter. With this sudden transformation comes difficult choices about his life and what it means to be a man.


5. Farha (2021)

She was just a young girl, 14 years old, when she witnessed the destruction of her home in Palestine. It was the year 1948 and chaos had taken over her world. Trapped in a locked cellar, she could only watch as catastrophe consumed everything she knew.


6. Mosul (2019)

When everything was taken from them by ISIS – their homes, families, and city – a small group of men took up arms to reclaim it all. The Nineveh SWAT team, a rogue police unit, fought back against the terrorist organization in a daring guerilla operation to save their beloved city of Mosul. This gripping tale is based on true events and showcases the bravery and determination of these men in their desperate fight for justice and the return of their way of life.


7. Born in Gaza (2014)

Set against the backdrop of the devastating military offensive that shook the Gaza Strip in July and August 2014, BORN IN GAZA is a powerful and poignant depiction of daily life for ten children living amidst constant bombings. Through their eyes, this documentary takes viewers on an emotional journey through the turmoil and tragedy of war.


8. The Present (2020)

The sun was beating down as Yusef and his daughter, Yasmine, set out on their mission: to buy a special gift for his wife’s anniversary. But this wasn’t just any ordinary shopping trip. In this war-torn land that they called home, even the simplest of tasks required navigating through soldiers, segregated roads, and endless checkpoints.

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