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Feb 7, 2024 | Celebrities, Movies

Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll,” has been an iconic figure in the music industry for decades. He captivated audiences with his electrifying performances, smooth voice, and signature dance moves. But his influence doesn’t stop there. Elvis’s legacy also extends to the world of film, with numerous movies inspired by his life and music.


1. Elvis (1979)

John Carpenter’s ELVIS (1979) is a cinematic gem that has largely been forgotten over the years. Despite starring Kurt Russell as Elvis Presley and originally being produced as a TV movie, it was eventually shortened for theatrical release overseas.



2. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

In a small nursing home in East Texas, two unlikely friends find themselves united by their shared belief in their past lives. One is an elderly man who goes by the name of Elvis, but his true identity is one that only few know. Years ago, he switched identities with an impersonator and has since lived out his days as a mere shadow of his former self.

Mark had always been fascinated with the idea of hitting the open road and leaving his mundane life behind. So when he stumbled upon a quirky man claiming to be Elvis Presley, he couldn’t resist picking him up and hearing his story.


3. This Is Elvis (1981)

Elvis Presley. A name that still resonates with generations of music lovers and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The King of Rock and Roll, the man who brought new rhythms to the world and left an indelible mark on the history of music.


4. Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Elvis Presley, the iconic King of Rock ‘n Roll. Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States. Two individuals from vastly different worlds, brought together by one unforgettable moment that would go down in history and become one of the most requested photographs in the National Archives.


5. Elvis Presley: The Searcher (2018)

Elvis Presley, the boy from Tupelo, rose to become a global icon in the music industry. His journey was not without its challenges, but it was these experiences that shaped his unique sound and propelled him to stardom. Throughout his life, Elvis was exposed to a diverse range of influences which he embraced and blended into his music.


7. The King (2017)

Eugene Jarecki’s award-winning film, “The King”, takes audiences on a journey unlike any other. Through the iconic 1963 Rolls-Royce once owned by Elvis Presley, viewers are transported across America – from Memphis to New York, Las Vegas, and beyond. This road trip serves as a powerful metaphor for the rise and fall of both.


8. Priscilla (2023)

Priscilla Presley, known for her tumultuous relationship with American legend Elvis Presley, opens up about the unseen side of their love in Sofia Coppola’s latest film. As a director known for her ability to capture raw emotions and deep complexities, Coppola takes viewers on a journey through Priscilla’s eyes, revealing a captivating story of love, fantasy, and fame.


9. Elvis (2022)

ELVIS is more than just a movie. It’s an artistic exploration of the enigmatic life and electrifying music of the legendary Elvis Presley, brought to life on the big screen by Warner Bros. Pictures and visionary director Baz Luhrmann. With rising star Austin Butler embodying the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself and Oscar-winner Tom Hanks lending his talent to the production, this film promises to be a larger-than-life spectacle that will leave audiences captivated and contemplative.



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