The Best Movies About Disasters

Feb 17, 2024 | Disaster, Movies

Movies have the power to take us on an emotional rollercoaster, with twists and turns that leave us on the edge of our seats. They allow us to escape reality for a brief moment and immerse ourselves in a different world. And when it comes to disasters, there’s no denying the intense thrill and adrenaline rush that comes from watching them unfold on the big screen. From natural disasters to man-made catastrophes, disaster movies have become a popular genre in the film industry. So grab your popcorn and get ready to experience the best movies about disasters that will leave you breathless and wanting more.


1. Airline Disaster – Crash of the Century (2005)

Airline Disaster: Crash of the CenturyThe date was March 27, 1977. It was a seemingly ordinary afternoon until a thick fog suddenly descended upon Los Rodeos Airport in Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands. The usually quiet airport was now filled with two fully loaded jumbo airliners waiting on the runway. Due to an explosion at a nearby airport, air traffic had been redirected to this undermanned airfield on the island.





2. Cold Zone (2017)

Cold ZoneUsing his scientific curiosity, Roger delves deeper into this mysterious phenomenon and uncovers a chilling truth – the Earth’s climate is rapidly changing and we may be facing an impending ice age. As Roger struggles to make sense of this revelation, he turns to art for solace and inspiration. Through abstract paintings and sculptures, he channels his emotions and contemplates the fragility of our planet and humanity’s impact on it.






3. When the Sky Falls (2000)

When the Sky FallsJamie had always been passionate about his work as an ozone researcher. He spent long hours in the lab, constantly striving to make groundbreaking discoveries and push the boundaries of science.







4. Five Days at Memorial (2022)

FIVE DAYS AT MEMORIAL, a new disaster movie releasing in 2022, is a gripping and intense portrayal of the real-life events that unfolded at Memorial Medical Center during Hurricane Katrina. This highly anticipated film follows the stories of doctors, nurses, and patients as they struggle to survive in the aftermath of one of the most devastating natural disasters in American history.


5. Geostrom (2017)

Witness the power of nature in GEOSTORM, a disaster movie featuring Gerard Butler as Jake Lawson, a satellite designer who must venture into space to save the world from catastrophic weather events.


6. The Quake (2018)

The Quake is a minimalist, abstract exploration game that invites players to contemplate the destruction and beauty of natural disasters. The game features stunning visuals and a haunting soundtrack, creating an immersive experience for players.


Earthquakes have been a part of our planet’s history for millions of years. These natural disasters can be devastating, causing destruction and loss of life. As scary as earthquakes may be, they have also sparked the imagination of filmmakers who have used them as a backdrop for some truly captivating movies.

7. Earthquake (1974)

In the award-winning film, “Earthquake,” director Mark Robson invites viewers on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation through the lens of a catastrophic event. With minimal dialogue and a hauntingly open-ended plot, the film allows for individual interpretation and introspection.


8. Earthquake (2016)

The EARTHQUAKE film invites viewers on a journey of contemplation and abstraction. Through its minimalist approach, it sparks imagination and evokes feelings and ideas rather than explicitly providing detailed information. The trailer for this 2016 Russian movie captures this tone perfectly, leaving the viewer with open-ended questions that encourage them to project their own thoughts and interpretations onto the film.


9. Earthquake Bird (2019)

The official trailer for “Earthquake Bird” has been released, giving us a glimpse into the enigmatic and thought-provoking film. The trailer opens with an eerie shot of Tokyo’s neon-lit streets, setting the tone for the movie’s dark and mysterious atmosphere.


10. San Andreas (2015)

Welcome to the world of San Andreas, where anything is possible and your imagination is your only limit. Our official trailer invites you to step into a minimalist, open-ended realm that encourages contemplation and artistic expression. Through concise language and abstract visuals, we aim to spark your imagination and evoke feelings and ideas rather than provide explicit information.


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