The Best Movies About Cats

Apr 25, 2024 | Animals, Movies

Cats have always been a popular subject in books, cartoons, and movies. With their mysterious behavior and adorable appearance, it’s no wonder that filmmakers often include them in their stories. While there are many great cat movies out there, only a few stand out as the best of the best. In this article, we will take a look at some of the greatest movies about cats and what makes them so special.


1. A Cat and Mouse Game (2019)

A Cat and Mouse GameIn this idyllic setting, the cat and mouse engage in a never-ending chase, each one trying to outsmart the other. The simplicity of their interactions creates a blank canvas for the reader’s imagination to fill in the details. The cat, with its sharp instincts and cunning moves, represents the predator figure that we often see depicted in art and literature.






2. Cats & Dogs (2021)

Cats & DogsIn the eyes of their human owners, cats and dogs are simply lovable household pets. But behind closed doors, a top-secret, high-tech espionage war is being waged between these two arch rivals.






3. Cat woman (2022)

CatwomanAs the brush of death grazed their skin, something changed within the shy artist. Suddenly, they possessed the speed, agility, and keen senses of a feline. This transformation unlocked a newfound sense of freedom and creativity for the artist.






4. CATS (2019)

CATS is a visually stunning and thought-provoking film that challenges viewers to contemplate the beauty and mystery of our feline companions. Through a minimalist approach, the movie sparks imagination and evokes feelings, rather than spoon-feeding information.


5. CAT PERSON (2023)

Introducing “Cat Person” – an upcoming film from STUDIOCANAL that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. This powerful movie follows the story of a person who finds solace and connection in the company of cats. With its open-ended and minimalist tone, “Cat Person” invites the audience to contemplate and reflect on their own relationships and the universal desire for companionship and understanding.


6. Cat People (2021)

Welcome to the world of Cat People, a visually stunning film that explores the complex relationship between humans and felines. Filled with stunning cinematography, beautiful artwork, and hauntingly poetic music, this trailer offers a glimpse into the mysterious and alluring world of cat people.


7. KEDI (2016)

In the land of Istanbul, where cultures collide and cats roam freely, a unique bond between feline and human is formed. Kedi follows the stories of seven different stray cats as they navigate their way through the bustling city and into the hearts of those who encounter them. From a mother cat fiercely protecting her kittens to a charismatic street cat charming the locals, these cats are more than just animals – they are an integral part of the city’s fabric and serve as a symbol of resilience and connection in an ever-changing world.


8. Cats – A Look Inside (2019)

Cats, the highly anticipated movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s iconic musical, is finally here. The film takes audiences on a whimsical journey through the streets of London with a group of feline friends known as the Jellicle Cats. As we eagerly await its release, let’s take a look inside at what makes this film so special.


9. Cat Person (2023)

Get ready to experience a cinematic journey like no other with Cat Person, the upcoming film from Hulu. This thought-provoking and visually stunning movie invites you to dive into a world of artistic expression, contemplation, and abstraction.


10. Call of the Wild (2020)

Come and join us on an adventure unlike any other with the highly-anticipated Call of the Wild, featuring none other than Harrison Ford himself! This thrilling movie takes you on a journey through breathtaking scenery and heart-pounding action as we follow the story of a man and his loyal canine companion.

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