The Best Movies About Alcoholism

Jun 28, 2024 | Health, Movies

The Best Movies About Alcoholism

There are many movies that have been made over the years about alcoholism. Some of these movies are dramas, some comedies and some fall somewhere in between. Despite their differences in genre, one thing is for certain: they all showcase the devastating effects of alcoholism on individuals and society as a whole.


1. My Name Was Bette: The Life and Death of an Alcoholic (2011)

My Name Was Bette: The Life and Death of an AlcoholicBette Vanden Akker was more than just a nurse, wife, and mother. She was a woman with a story, one that is all too familiar for many women struggling with alcoholism. In this thought-provoking documentary, we follow Bette’s journey as she battles the disease that ultimately took her life in 2007.

2. Shattered Spirits (1986)

Shattered SpiritsLyle Mollen camp was once a loving and devoted husband and father, but his addiction to alcohol has slowly destroyed everything he held dear. His wife and children have been the victims of his downward spiral, as they watch helplessly as their once happy home is torn apart by his uncontrollable desire for alcohol.





3. Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Understanding Alcohol AddictionMillions of people around the world struggle with alcoholism, a serious disease that can have severe consequences. If you’re looking to learn more about this complex disorder, Future Health’s video on Understanding Alcohol Addiction is the perfect resource for you.






4. Another Round  (2020)

In the Official Trailer for “Another Round”, we are invited into a world of contemplation and artistic expression. The dialogue is concise, leaving room for our own thoughts and emotions to fill in the gaps. We are given glimpses of abstract imagery, sparking our imagination and inviting us to project ourselves onto the characters and their journey.


5. Drinking Buddies (2013)

The official trailer for the film Drinking Buddies offers a glimpse into the storyline of two coworkers, Luke and Kate, who have a strong connection and share a love for craft beer. The tone is open-ended, leaving much to be imagined and contemplated by the viewer. It sparks curiosity and invites the audience to project their own ideas onto the characters and their relationship.


6. THE VIRTUES (2019)

The year is 2019. A time of great change, uncertainty, and introspection. And in the midst of it all, a film emerges that captures the essence of this moment. The Virtues.


7. Saltburn  (2023)

Emerald Fennell, the visionary behind the Academy Award winning film Promising Young Woman, presents a stunning and provocative story of privilege and longing. At Oxford University, Oliver Quick (portrayed by Barry Keoghan) struggles to find his place until he meets Felix Catton (played by Jacob Elordi), a charismatic and affluent student who invites him to spend a summer at his family’s lavish estate in Saltburn.


8. Everything Must Go (2010)

Everything Must Go is a thought-provoking film that follows the journey of Nick Porter, a once-successful salesman who has hit rock bottom. Directed by Dan Rush and based on Raymond Carver’s short story, this movie invites viewers into an introspective and minimalistic world where one man’s downfall becomes a catalyst for profound contemplation.


9. VESELKA (2024)

Veselka, a beloved Ukrainian restaurant in the heart of New York City, has long been known for its delicious borscht and varenyky. But beyond its culinary offerings, Veselka holds a deeper significance as a symbol of hope for Ukraine. With owner Tom Birchard retiring after 54 years, his son Jason is faced with the challenge of carrying on his father’s legacy amidst the ongoing war in their home country.

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