The Best Movies About Adoption

Jun 21, 2024 | Movies

The Best Movies About Adoption

When it comes to movies that deal with adoption, there are countless options to choose from. Adoption is a complex and emotional subject matter that has been portrayed in various ways on the big screen. Some films have taken a heartwarming approach, while others have delved into more serious and thought-provoking themes.


1.Instant Family (2018)

Instant FamilyDiscover the heartwarming story of Pete and Ellie, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne respectively, as they embark on a journey of instant parenthood. When they take in three foster children, their lives are turned upside down and they must learn the ropes of being parents overnight.





2. The Hillsdale Adoption Scam (2023)

The Hillsdale Adoption ScamBethany and Terrence had built a beautiful life together – a successful business, supportive friends, and a loving family. Their daughter was their world, but they always dreamed of having another child to complete their family.





3. Fathers & Daughters (2015)

Fathers & DaughtersFrom the director of two critically acclaimed and emotionally charged films, Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness, comes a new masterpiece that will leave audiences captivated.





4. A Deadly Adoption (2015)

Experience the unexpected in this thrilling tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. A couple living a seemingly perfect life is faced with an unexpected turn of events that tests the strength of their relationship. Embracing a minimalist approach, this film invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of human nature and relationships through abstract storytelling.



Ethan Hawke stars in the highly anticipated film, “Adopt a Highway”. But this isn’t your typical Hollywood blockbuster. Instead, it’s a raw and contemplative journey that explores the depths of human emotion. Brought to life by an open-ended and minimalist tone, “Adopt a Highway” invites viewers to project their own ideas onto the screen.



Welcome to the world of ADOPTING AUDREY, a mesmerizing film that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Through the captivating performance of Jena Malone as Audrey, this film invites you to explore the depths of your own thoughts and emotions.



7. Hillsdale Adoption Scam (2023)

Experience the gripping tale of the Hillsdale Adoption Scam, a captivating film that will challenge your perception of truth and deception. Follow the unfolding events as they reveal a twisted web of lies and manipulation, all in the name of love. Through minimalist visuals and powerful storytelling, this film invites you to contemplate the complexities of human nature and our innate desire for connection.


8. Instant Family (2018)

Pete and Ellie had always dreamed of starting a family, but little did they know that their journey would take them on an unexpected and chaotic path. When they decided to explore foster care adoption, they never imagined they would end up with not one, but three children in their home.



The family of women in THE ADOPTED have always faced challenges, but through their resilience and determination, they have overcome them. Men are rarely seen in their lives, but when love unexpectedly enters the picture, everything changes. In a whirlwind of emotions and adjustments, each member strives to find balance once more. However, just as they begin to settle into their new normal, fate intervenes once again. The family is thrust into a different reality, forcing them to start over once more.


10. Adult Adoption (2022)

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