The Best Movies About 4Th Of July

Mar 24, 2024 | History, Movies

With the 4th of July approaching, it’s time to start planning your holiday celebrations. And what better way to get into the patriotic spirit than by watching some movies about the 4th of July? From historical dramas to action-packed blockbusters, there are plenty of films that showcase the spirit and importance of this national holiday. So grab your favorite snacks and settle in for a movie marathon with these must-watch 4th of July movies.


1.Fourth of July (2022)

Fourth of JulyIn the bustling streets of New York City, a jazz pianist struggles to rebuild his life after overcoming alcoholism. But when his family gathers for their yearly Fourth of July getaway, old wounds and sharp tongues threaten to unravel everything he has worked so hard for. Amidst the rooftop parties and fireworks displays, tensions simmer between the recovering musician and his acerbic relatives.






2. Born On The Fourth Of July (1989)

Born On The Fourth Of JulyA powerful story of sacrifice and redemption, “Born on the Fourth of July” follows Marine Ron Kovic’s journey from a patriotic young man to a paralyzed veteran. After being injured in the Vietnam War, Kovic struggles to come to terms with his disability and his role in the controversial conflict. But as he finds solace in writing and becomes an outspoken anti-war activist, Kovic’s courageous transformation inspires others and leads to unexpected recognition.






3. When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (1978)

When Every Day Was the Fourth of JulyThe summer of 1937 in Bridgeport, Connecticut was a time of innocence and adventure for Daniel Cooper and his younger sister Sarah. It was a year filled with possibilities and excitement, where anything seemed possible. But that all changed when Sarah’s friend Snowman, a brain-damaged veteran of World War I, was accused of murder.






4. FOURTH OF JULY (2022)

Experience the explosive new film from acclaimed director Louis C.K. as he takes a deep dive into the complexities of American life in FOURTH OF JULY. Through a minimalist lens, this thought-provoking movie invites viewers to contemplate and interpret their own ideas about the country we call home.


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