Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

Sep 5, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

For decades, the American people have been oblivious to one of the darkest chapters in their history, when President Nixon and Henry Kissinger made the callous and illegal decision to bomb Cambodia. It was an act that had devastating consequences for innocent civilians in a neutral country. It was estimated that 100,000 tons of bombs were dropped on Cambodia, which equaled the power of five Hiroshimas.

The aftereffects of this air bombardment were catastrophic; much of the country’s infrastructure and population was wiped out or severely damaged, turning wide swaths of land back into a literal Stone Age. But what truly haunts us are the millions of Cambodians who suffered from this atrocity – many of whom were never given justice for its occurrence.

This story is now being told in the documentary “Nixon & Kissinger: The Real Story”, produced by award-winning filmmaker Robert McNamara. McNamara spent years painstakingly researching and gathering evidence to shed light on this hidden chapter in history. He brings viewers inside Nixon’s White House and Kissinger’s State Department to uncover the truth surrounding this tragedy and its ongoing legacy.

It is our duty as citizens to educate ourselves on these kinds of events — those that shaped our past and will shape our future — if we want to make sure they never happen again. We must have open dialogue about them in order to move forward as a society with greater understanding towards all people affected by these tragedies. This is why we encourage everyone to watch “Nixon & Kissinger: The Real Story”; it is essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand this dark chapter in American history, and how it continues to affect us today.

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David B