This Is What Winning Looks Like

May 16, 2024 | Military/War, Videos

A new documentary has recently been released, shedding light on the struggles of Afghan security forces, as well as the reduction in US Marines due to the troop withdrawal. Titled “The Ineptitude, Drug Abuse, Sexual Misconduct and Corruption of Afghan Security Forces,” this disturbing piece of media paints a grim picture of what is happening in one of Afghanistan’s most violent towns: Sangin.

This documentary is both heartbreaking and eye-opening. It examines the catastrophic events unfolding in Sangin, such as drug abuse by Afghan security officers, a lack of effective communication between government forces and civilians leading to increased crime rates, and sexual misconduct among members of various security units. All these issues only add to the already volatile situation within Sangin.

Furthermore, US Marines have also largely been removed from Sangin due to the troop withdrawal. This has left many residents feeling vulnerable and unprotected against attacks by Taliban militants or other criminal elements. Without reliable backup from international forces, it can be difficult for local police forces to effectively secure their region against insurgency or instability.

This documentary serves as an important reminder that peace is not always attainable in a war-torn country like Afghanistan. It also brings attention to the dangers that arise when governments fail to address underlying issues related to poverty, corruption or unequal access to resources and opportunities for development.

Viewers who watch this documentary will be reminded that although conflict may never entirely end in Afghanistan, our understanding of its complexities can help us better support those who are suffering from its consequences. We encourage you all to watch this remarkable film and become more informed about what is really going on inside Sangin and beyond.

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David B