The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Aug 21, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

In Christopher Hitchens’ book and subsequent documentary, “The Trial of Henry Kissinger,” the renowned journalist embarks on a mission to hold one of the most powerful men in recent history accountable for his actions. Through meticulous investigative research, Hitchens presents evidence of war crimes committed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in countries such as Cambodia, Chile, and Indonesia.

The documentary examines evidence implicating Kissinger in military coups, bombings, secret diplomacy efforts to destabilize foreign governments, and other atrocities that caused thousands of civilian deaths. In doing so, it paints an unflattering portrait of a man whose influence and power may have enabled him to escape justice. By delving into these issues through an analytical lens and thought-provoking interviews with international experts and political figures such as Noam Chomsky, the film offers viewers compelling insight into a complex political saga.

Hitchens’ book is a powerful reminder that even those who occupy positions of authority are not immune from accountability for their actions. His scathing criticism gives voice to victims and survivors of Kissinger’s alleged war crimes, whose stories often go unheard amidst the din of history’s dominant narrative. This remarkable documentary provides an essential look at Hitchens’ research and its implications for our understanding of international politics today.

If you’re looking for an engaging exploration of justice and accountability in international affairs, then The Trial of Henry Kissinger is the perfect choice for you. Its riveting mix of archival footage and expert perspectives make it both entertaining and informative – perfect viewing for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge on the subject matter.

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David B