The Road to Fallujah

Aug 20, 2023 | Military/War

The Road to Fallujah is a powerful documentary that chronicles the struggles of Iraqi forces to reclaim their cities from the Islamic State (ISIS). The film follows Iraqi fighters as they strive to regain control of Anbar Province, an area that has been under the oppressive reign of ISIS since 2014.

Through combat and interviews with survivors, the documentary paints a vivid picture of both the bravery and suffering experienced by those in Iraq who are determined to defeat ISIS. Viewers witness first-hand how many towns and villages have been left in ruins as a result of this war, and how its citizens suffer from displacement, loss of livelihoods, and psychological trauma.

The Road to Fallujah is not only an unflinching look into the horrors of war but also offers insight into the human spirit’s capacity to survive unspeakable tragedy. With a renewed sense of commitment from the United States, Iraqi fighters are embarking on their mission to take back what is rightfully theirs.

Anyone who cares about human rights should watch The Road To Fallujah – it’s an incredibly important story told through intimate access with one of the world’s most dangerous war-torn regions. It’s essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand why it’s so important for us all to stand up against oppression wherever it exists in our world today.

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David B