The Dreamland Camp in Iraq

Jan 8, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

This 2005 documentary is concerned with the unit that was a part of the 1/505 of the 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Fallujah, Iraq, at the beginning of 2004. The directors of this documentary are Ian Olds and Garrett Scott. Sadly, Scott died just a couple of days before their documentary was given the Independent Spirit Award.

The place where the unit was stationed was nicknamed by the soldiers as ‘Camp Dreamland’. The film crew accompanies the soldiers, filming their daily routines and obligations. They include the daily patrols, the search for weapons, interrogation of the prisoners, but also receiving various complaints and critiques from the local civilian population.

A number of soldiers were interviewed in this documentary. They respond to questions such as why they joined the armed forces, their personal thoughts and feelings about the war and the local population. They also replied to the emotional questions such as their whereabouts at the time of their friend’s death and similar delicate issues.

Watch this documentary and discover the hardships of war, and how ordinary people react when they are exposed to extraordinary situations.


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Riyan H.