Mali: The Last Soliders of Barkhane

Jun 19, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

Mali is a country facing an unprecedented level of instability and insecurity. Since the French military mission, Operation Barkhane, withdrew its troops in 2014 following a coup d’état, Mali has faced a growing threat from terrorism. Armed terrorist groups have made inroads into many parts of the country, particularly in Northern Mali, and their presence is causing significant disruption to the stability and security of the region.

The French operation had been in place since 2013, providing support for Malian forces battling Islamist militants linked to al-Qaeda. Now that the mission is ending, with the last remaining French personnel due to leave soon, it leaves Mali facing considerable challenges to its security and stability.

This situation has been documented in a new documentary released by PBS Frontline called “The Battle for Mali”. The film follows two Malian journalists as they investigate what is happening on the ground as armed groups expand their presence across the country. The story reveals how these groups are able to take advantage of flaws in Mali’s security systems, creating an increasingly hostile environment for those caught in between them.

The documentary paints a worrying picture of Mali’s future if urgent action isn’t taken soon. It highlights how important it is to strengthen security mechanisms around conflict zones and create an environment where people can live peacefully without fear of violence or oppression from armed groups.

It serves as a powerful reminder that no one person or state can combat terrorism alone – instead all countries must work together on policies that will ensure peace and stability worldwide. We urge everyone who cares about peace and justice for all countries to watch this documentary and see first-hand how far we still have to go before achieving our goal.

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David B