The War You Don’t See

Aug 23, 2023 | Media, Videos

John Pilger’s documentary The War You Don’t See takes an unflinching look at the media coverage of some of the world’s most contentious conflicts, including Afghanistan, Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through interviews with embedded reporters and powerful archival footage, Pilger paints a stark picture of how journalists have been used and manipulated to shape public opinion throughout modern history, all the way back to The Great War.

The documentary examines how governments and military forces have employed carefully crafted propaganda strategies to manipulate public perception of conflicts around the globe. It also looks at how corporate influences have affected war reporting, with news organizations often pandering to government agendas for their own economic gain. Pilger reveals a sobering portrait of media complicity in wars that includes censorship, lies and even threats against those who dare to challenge established narratives.

The War You Don’t See is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding war from a different perspective. Pilger’s hard-hitting analysis provides valuable insight into some of the most pressing issues in international politics today. His film is an indictment not just on governments but on media outlets as well, who too often fail to provide honest coverage when it comes to matters of life and death. If you want to learn more about the true costs of war, then you should watch The War You Don’t See.

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David B