That’s Not Funny

Nov 11, 2023 | Media, Videos

That’s Not Funny is a groundbreaking documentary that takes a deeper look at the history and power of comedy. By examining the way comedy has evolved over time, this documentary reveals how it has served as a vehicle to address difficult and even taboo topics in society. Through interviews with celebrated comedians and entertainment industry professionals, viewers are encouraged to re-examine comedy’s purpose in an increasingly complex world.

In addition to its insightful examination of the art form, That’s Not Funny is a highly entertaining watch from start to finish. From witnessing some of today’s most influential comedians’ perspectives on the impact of humor on our lives to gaining rare insight into how jokes can be crafted for maximum comedic effect, this film takes audiences on an eye-opening journey into the heart of laughs.

Ultimately, That’s Not Funny serves as an inspiring reminder that comedy can be a powerful tool for more than just eliciting laughter: it can help us explore our shared values and teach us how to better cope with difficult situations. Whether you’re familiar with the art form or new to its complexities, this documentary provides valuable insight about what makes certain types of humor so effective—and why it’s worth considering its potential impact on our lives. So don’t miss your chance; watch That’s Not Funny now!

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David B