Scarface: True Hollywood Story

Feb 21, 2024 | Media, Videos

The classic 1983 hit movie, “Scarface”, has been seen by millions and remains an iconic piece of cinema today. Starring Al Pacino as the Cuban refugee Tony Montana, the film follows his story as he travels to Miami in search of a new life only to get wrapped up in the criminal underworld.

Now, a documentary delving deep into the behind-the-scenes stories from the making of “Scarface” is set to be released and offers fans and viewers an unparalleled insight into this cinematic masterpiece. Dire warnings were given to all involved during production – death threats from those who lived lives similar to that displayed in “Scarface”. The crew persevered and made it through these trying times to deliver one of the greatest movies ever made.

The documentary features interviews with cast members, crew members, and even those who were involved in the real life activities portrayed in “Scarface”. It documents their experiences on set with historical information about the production process and offers a unique insight into what it took to make such an incredible film.

This captivating documentary brings together these memories and more as it takes audiences on an unforgettable journey back to 1983 when “Scarface” was first released. With its thrilling footage, adrenaline-filled soundtrack, and fully immersive visuals, this is sure to be one of the most talked about documentaries this year! So don’t miss out – tune in or buy tickets now for this must-see event!

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David B