The 10 Best Documentaries About The Duggars

Jul 29, 2023 | Best Of, Lifestyle, People

The Duggars are an intriguing family that have sparked both controversy and admiration over the years. From their ultra-conservative beliefs to their large size, they’ve been the subject of much debate and discussion. Now, with a variety of documentaries about them available to watch, fans can get an even closer look at what life is like inside the Duggar household. From reality TV shows to feature films, these 10 documentaries offer a unique perspective on one of America’s most famous families. Whether you love or hate them, there’s something here for everyone – so grab some popcorn and dive in!


1. The Depraved World of the Duggars

The Duggars are a family known for their controversial views and practices. In this documentary, explore the depraved world of the Duggars and how they have been able to remain in power despite their beliefs. Learn about their past and why some believe that they are not fit to be role models for any society. Uncover what goes on behind closed doors in the Duggar household as you dive into this deep investigation.


2. The DOWNFALL of The Duggars: the NIGHTMARE Family who Won’t Stop LYING


The Duggar family has been in the spotlight for years, but what really happened to bring them down? In this documentary we explore the secrets and lies that led to their downfall. We uncover manipulation of the masses, power abuse, and a web of deceit surrounding Josh Duggar. Is he a victim or something else? Join us as we unravel this nightmare family who won’t stop lying!


3. Josh Duggar: The Man Who Got Away With Everything

This documentary examines the life of Josh Duggar and how he almost got away with his various scandals. It looks at how his family reacted to the news, as well as their attempts to cover it up. Additionally, this film investigates the impact that these events had on Josh’s career and public image. Get an inside look into the man who nearly escaped unscathed from one of America’s most controversial families.



The Duggars are a family that has made headlines for years, but what do we really know about them? This documentary dives deep into the Duggar’s life and explores their controversial topics such as sexual abuse, child abuse, ED discussion, miscarriages, transphobia and even mini golf humping. Get to know this family like never before and uncover the secrets of the Duggars!


5. Jinger Duggar EXPOSES Duggars CULT Like Upbringing

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has recently published a book that sheds light on the controversial and secretive upbringing she experienced as part of the Duggar family. In this video, we will explore her compelling story and how it has impacted her journey to becoming free indeed. From her experience growing up in what many consider to be a cult-like environment, to disentangling harmful theology, Jinger’s story offers an eye-opening look at life inside one of America’s most talked about families.


6. The BIZARRE World of the DUGGARS

Explore the strange and intriguing world of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, as seen in 19 Kids and Counting. Long before their docuseries Shiny Happy People was released, take a journey to discover how this family has come together to form an extraordinary unit. Learn more about their unique lifestyle choices, their struggles, successes and challenges that have shaped them over the years. This documentary takes you deep into the heart of one of America’s most fascinating families!


7. Our INSIDE Story Being In The “Shiny Happy People” Duggar



8. Duggar Production Crew Speak Out

This documentary takes you behind the scenes of one of America’s most controversial families, the Duggars. Get an inside look at what life is like for this family and hear from members of their production crew who have never spoken out before. Learn about how their lives are portrayed on camera and gain insight into what it’s really like to be part of the Duggar world.


9. 18 Kids and Counting : Duggars and Bates Reloaded

The Duggars and Bates are two large families who have a lot in common. Join them on their road trip, as they travel to visit each other and share stories about their lives. 18 Kids and Counting : Duggars and Bates Reloaded is an amazing documentary that will give you a unique glimpse into the world of these two extraordinary families!


10. The Tragic Real-Life Story of Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar’s story is a tragic one. In this video, we’ll look at her early life and the formative years that made her who she is today. We’ll also explore some of the questionable choices Anna has made regarding Josh in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at Anna Duggar and discover how she got to where she is now!


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