Short and Male

Oct 19, 2023 | Lifestyle, Videos

Short and Male is a groundbreaking documentary that explores the struggles that short men experience in a world where height is often equated with success. Through interviews with prominent professionals, academics, and everyday people, the film paints a picture of how heightism affects the lives of those who stand at five foot six and below.

The director, Mike Figgis, seeks to dispel the notion that there are only two options for a man of short stature: accept defeat or make radical changes. He instead encourages viewers to look at life differently and to strive for what they want without any limitations due to their height. One interviewee speaks about how it took him 20 years to realize he was not going to grow any taller but instead of letting it affect his attitude towards life he embraced it as a challenge that pushed him to work harder and ultimately achieve greatness in his field.

In addition to interviews with everyday people, Short and Male includes experts such as Dr Christopher Shippee, an expert on human size diversity who has lectured on the subject at universities across North America; Dr Andrea Venezia, co-author of “Shorter Men Are Less Healthy”; and Professor Stephen Turek who has written extensively on physical appearance as well as discrimination based on height.

By combining first-hand accounts from those affected by heightism with expert analysis from academics in the field, Short and Male offers viewers an insightful look into this pervasive issue. As one interviewee states in the documentary: “If you can accept yourself for who you are then you can do anything” – words worth listening too.

So if you’re looking for an eye-opening viewing experience then check out Short and Male – a thought-provoking exploration into one of society’s overlooked issues through real-life stories and expert opinions. It’ll be sure to leave an unforgettable impression!

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