When the Moors Ruled in Europe

Feb 13, 2024 | History, Videos

Join renowned British historian Bettany Hughes on her journey to uncover a long-forgotten chapter of European history – the rise and fall of Islamic culture in present-day Spain and Portugal.

Learn about the dramatic historical events that led to the spread of Islamic rule across the Iberian Peninsula, from its beginnings with the arrival of the Moors in 711 A.D., all the way up to its demise with the expulsion of Jews and Moriscos in 1609 A.D. Trace how centuries of cohabitation between Christians, Jews and Muslims created a unique religious melting pot – one that established Andalusia as a centre for literature, art and science, far ahead of its time.

Discover why this period is so influential today – from its impact on music and cuisine, to architecture, politics and religion – while gaining valuable insight into an overlooked history. This documentary offers a captivating exploration into Andalusia’s fascinating past; one that should not be missed by anyone looking for a deeper understanding of modern Europe.

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David B