UK Monarchy

May 25, 2024 | History, Videos

Explore the dramatic human story behind English monarchy with Dr. David Starkey as your tour guide in the highly acclaimed documentary series ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’. Spanning nearly 10 centuries of royal rule in England, this captivating and educational journey takes you from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Restoration.

Visit Westminster Abbey, Bosworth Field, and the infamous Tower of London—the very stages upon which history played out—and uncover the incredible true character of those who wore the crown. From its gripping tales of intrigue and power struggles to its raw insights into love, lust, treachery, and ambition, this documentary provides an engaging and comprehensive look into one of Europe’s most intriguing histories.

Alongside Dr. David Starkey’s animated explanations and vivid storytelling style, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ is an essential viewing experience for any enthusiast of British monarchy. Its mesmerizing blend of expert analysis and historical detail offer a unique perspective on a turbulent period that shaped our modern world today. So don’t miss out – watch ‘The Six

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