Treasures of Ancient Greece

Aug 28, 2023 | History, Videos

In the second episode of Sooke’s mini-series, viewers are invited to go on a captivating journey to explore the classical age of Greek art. From the Valley of Temples in Agrigento to a historic chariot on Mozia island, this documentary offers an immersive look into some of history’s most remarkable cultural artifacts.

In Agrigento, the magnificent Valley of Temples serves as a stunning backdrop for exploring ancient Greek architecture and sculptures. Home to seven majestic Doric temples, it is one of Sicily’s most important archaeological sites and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. The best preserved temple is that of Concordia, which stands proudly at almost 40 feet tall and dates back over 2,500 years ago.

The documentary then moves on to Mozia Island – an isolated spot closed off from mainland Malta. Here lies an incredible discovery: an ancient chariot dated around 500 BC. This rare artifact was found embedded in archaeological remains and provides valuable insight into the life and culture of its time periods. After examining artifacts such as this chariot, viewers will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for

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David B