The Myths of Pearl Harbour

Apr 22, 2024 | History, News, Political, Videos

On December 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy, the Japanese Imperial Navy launched a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. However, few people know that the battle actually began nearly an hour earlier, when a U.S. naval vessel opened fire on one of Japan’s four secret weapons: two-man “midget” submarines. These undersea vessels were designed to wreak havoc on American ships from below while bombers rained destruction from the skies above.

Although this first cannonade did not stop the forces of Japan from making their devastating assault on Pearl Harbor, it nevertheless demonstrated the bravery and determination of American forces to stand their ground against an overwhelming enemy. It was just one example of many that serve as testament to the courage and resilience of those who fought for freedom during World War II.

For more information about this incredible event and other stories from America’s involvement in World War II, we encourage you to watch the documentary by National Geographic titled “Pearl Harbor: The Day That Changed Everything.” Through interviews with survivors, historical photographs and reenactments of key moments in history, you can get an up close look at how one daring act set off a chain reaction of events that forever changed our nation—and our world—for better or worse. So don’t miss out – dive into this incredible story and discover some untold truths about America’s involvement in World War II!

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David B