Strange Egypt

Mar 19, 2024 | History, Videos

Ancient Egypt was a mysterious and advanced civilization that has captivated the imaginations of historians, archaeologists and enthusiasts alike. From mummification to monumental tombs and from hieroglyphics to the Sphinx, much about Ancient Egypt is shrouded in mystery. Yet despite this many facts have been uncovered about this society and its people that can provide us with an understanding of how things were done back then.

One of the most fascinating aspects of life in Ancient Egypt is the belief in magic. These superstitions had a deeply ingrained role in everyday life, including how people interacted with their rulers and leaders. It was believed that a wax doll could be used along with certain words to bring harm or death upon members of royalty, such as Pharaohs. Another interesting fact about Ancient Egypt is that Pharaohs favoured those who were dwarfs. This may have seemed strange to modern observers, yet it was part of the culture at the time.

The recreational habits of Ancient Egyptians also differ greatly from our own today. People would commonly use drugs for pleasure purposes, while sexuality also featured prominently in some cases – even after death! Moreover, Egyptian citizens would take part in activities such as music playing or singing during festivals or gatherings.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ancient Egypt and its culture then watching a documentary is one great way to do this. By looking back into this ancient world we can gain an appreciation for what life must have been like there over three thousand years ago – from the superstitions they believed in to their customs and beliefs as well as their habits when it comes to recreation and leisure activities. So why not explore an ancient civilisation today by watching a documentary on Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the most mysterious civilizations in history?

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