Sir! No Sir!

Oct 20, 2023 | History, Military/War, Videos

The Vietnam War was a tumultuous and controversial time in America’s history, and many of the servicemen stationed there opposed the war effort in whatever way they could. A new feature-length documentary shines a light on the soldiers who made an effort to oppose the war through peaceful demonstration and subversion.

This film gives voice to veterans who were forced into this situation; but it also serves as an important reminder that even those within the military can be just as strongly opposed to war as any civilian.

The documentary follows various servicemen in their efforts to protest, either through non-violent protests or discreet acts of sabotage. The film shows how difficult it is for these men to express their opposition to the war without repercussions, yet they remain undeterred in their mission to make their views heard. Their stories are intercut with archival footage from the period, giving viewers a comprehensive look at just how far some soldiers had to go in order to express themselves.

Ultimately, this documentary serves as an important reminder that even within times of conflict, those who serve can express opposition without resorting to violence. For anyone looking for a comprehensive look at one of American’s most turbulent eras, this feature length documentary is essential viewing. It speaks not only to veterans who faced similar issues during the conflict, but all civilians looking for insight into what it was like for those stationed in Vietnam during this time.

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David B