Secrets of the Parthenon

Mar 1, 2024 | History, Videos

The Parthenon of Athens is one of the most iconic and remarkable structures in the world. Built by ancient Greeks in 447 BCE, it is a stunning testament to man’s engineering prowess and artistry. Over the centuries, it has suffered through numerous wars, earthquakes, and misguided restoration efforts – but now an ambitious project seeks to restore it to its former glory.

A highly skilled team of experts from around the globe are carefully piecing together fragments of the structure, striving to replicate every intricate detail with exacting precision. It takes incredible skill and precision to recreate these subtle curves that give the building its iconic grace and beauty.

It’s hard not to be awe-inspired at this grand undertaking – and if you want to get even closer to the process then there’s no better way than watching National Geographic’s astonishing documentary ‘Rebuilding The Parthenon’. This documentary follows the restoration team as they take on this herculean task, offering up a unique insight into their craftsmanship as well as their passion for building on history.

The documentary also delves into the complex history of this structure which has been touched by so many hands over time. With an unerring attention to detail throughout, ‘Rebuilding The Parthenon’ is essential viewing for anyone looking for an unprecedented look at this incredible building’s past and future. So don’t miss your chance – watch ‘Rebuilding The Parthenon’ today!

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David B