The Smashing Machine

Mar 9, 2024 | Health, Technology, Videos

The Smashing Machine, released in 2002, is a powerful and unflinching documentary film directed by John Hyams. It follows the notable mixed martial arts career of Mark Kerr, otherwise known as “The Smashing Machine”. Through his successes and failures, viewers get an inside glimpse into the competitive world of no-holds-barred fighting and the modern day gladiators who populate it.

Kerr’s friend and fellow MMA fighter Mark Coleman—known as “The Hammer”—plays an important role in this compelling narrative, providing commentary on Kerr’s journey that is at once supportive and frank. As viewers follow Kerr from practice to the ring, they are exposed to the grueling physical and mental demands of professional fighting. The film also explores some of the more personal aspects of Kerr’s life outside the ring such as his struggles with chronic pain and drug addiction.

The Smashing Machine provides viewers with a unique look into this world that often remains hidden behind closed doors. By delving into both its lighthearted moments and its darker sides, it gives viewers an immersive experience unlike any other about MMA fighters. For those looking for an honest portrait of modern day gladiators or wanting to understand what drives these athletes towards victory—or defeat—the Smashing Machine is must-see viewing.

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David B